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"Loki and Nora have been fed Hi-Standard Puppy Food since the day we brought them home. They absolutely love it." - Nancy S. from Illinois

Hi-Standard 32/18 Frech Chicken puppy food is specially formulated to meet all of the needs of a growing puppy. This chicken based formula is specifically designed to provide the essential nutritional needs of a puppy while preventing excess weight.

Check out Hi-Standard Puppy Food or find a retailer near you today. 

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"We are breeders of quality French Bulldogs. A few years ago we purchased a female to add to our program. From the time she was a pup she consistently had loose stool. We worked tirelessly with our vet and industry professionals to try and alleviate it. With no success, we finally had all but given up. BUT, then we decided to try the Hi Standard Grain Free diet on all of our dogs and just like that it cleared up! All of our dogs look phenomenal on this product. Their haircoats and weights are perfect. We recommend it to all of our new puppy homes!! I would urge anyone to give it a try."


 - Melissa Drew www.drewdogs.com

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Mule Shoe Outfitters
We want to send a BIG thank you to our friends Mule Shoe Outfitters in Wyoming for this awesome testimonial and their amazing photos! If you're looking for your next hunting trip we HIGHLY recommend giving them a call!

"We have been hunting treeing Walker hounds for 20+ years here in Wyoming for our outfitting business, Mule Shoe Outfitters. In that time we have tried many different recommended dog foods for our working hounds that we feel were not as quality and beneficial as we have seen with Hi-Standard.

About 4 years ago we started using the Hi-Standard brand. Hi-Standard has been great! The hounds like it much better, their energy and stamina is high, and their stools are less, which means that they are retaining more of the high protein content they get from the Premium Performance (purple bag) product that keeps them going all day working those tracks. The Hi-Standard company has been really great to us, we really appreciate their product and staff. We will continue to feed Hi-Standard dog food and would recommend it to all who have dogs that mean as much as ours to us."

Justin and Sandy Wright
Owners, Mule Shoe Outfitters
Pinedale, Wyoming


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