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A Hi-Standard History

Before there was ever a Hi-Standard Dog Food there was Hi-Standard Supplies, a small hunting and dog supply store founded by Wade Graskewicz in 1988. Wade learned to coon hunt in his teens with his father-in law Don Hicks and quickly became an avid coon hunter. By 1997 Wade had several dogs of his own and was raising Jack Russel Terriers. His store, Hi-Standard Supplies, carried several brands of dog food at the time and had been for nearly a decade, but he felt something was missing in the market.
“I knew what needed to be in the dog food to make it work,” he recalls, “I wasn’t so concerned with making a profit, I just knew it had to be a high quality food at a reasonable price.” So in 1998 Hi-Standard dog food was born. The first year Wade sold 3 lines of his all new Hi-Standard Dog Food out of his store.
“I knew that my customers would love a high quality dog bag of dog food, so that’s what I made” said Graskewicz.
Wade kept his focus on making food that strictly followed feeding guidelines, keeping the quality high and the price fair. The quality sold itself and word began to spread through the hunting community. It was his first ad in American Cooner magazine in 1999 that started the inquiries rolling in and by 2001 Hi-Standard had grown to a recognized name across Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky. Today Hi-Standard dog food in 27 states and 4 countrys. There are 9 lines for everything from the most basic dog food to high protein foods specially made for high performance dogs. As the company continues to grow it is adding new specialty lines for grain free and Hi-Standard Ultimate.  
As wade always says “Hi-Standard, It’s not only the name of our dog food but also how we do business”

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