Hi-Standard Product Categories

Hi-Standard Product Categories

  1. Performance

  2. The Hi-Standard Performance is designed for active dogs.
  3. The Hi-Standard Performance was developed for especially for high performance dogs. This line is made with the highest quality ingredients which helps to ensure that you dog has the health and well being they deserve. High digestibility, high energy and great taste make it ideal to satisfy the nutritional needs of even the most active dogs. Like Wade always says, "It's not just the name of our dog food, it's how we do business.
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  1. Ultimate

  2. The Ultimate in Performance Dog Food.
  3. The Hi-Standard Ultimate line offers a complete and balanced diet for all breeds. This high quality line features real chicken protein as its first ingredient as well as oats and rice which are excellent sources of highly digestible carbohydrates, protein and rich in vitamins and minerals. Hi-Standard Ultimate proudly is free of wheat, corn and soy. This is the ultimate dog food for performance dogs.
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  1. Pure Grain Free

  2. Hi-Standard Dog Food Grain Free The Highest Quality Grain Free Line Hi-Standard Offers.  
  3. Hi-Standard Pure Grain Free offers the very best for your dog. We use wholesome fresh ingredients in our Pure Grain Free line which contains absolutely no grains in our recipe. Natural sources of Omega 3 & 6 play a crucial role in a strong and healthy immune system. These fatty acids help maintain a beautiful shiny coat for your pet. We have formulated this wholesome blend of ingredients to provide sources of glucosamine and chondroitin that support healthy joints and muscles. Proudly made in the USA.
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  1. Treats

  2. Unbeatable Tasty Treats
  3. Hi-Standard treats have an unbeatable taste! These treats are soft and chewy for all breeds.Available in both Grain Free Chicken Jerky and Bacon Strips (Made with real bacon). Hi-Standard treats are fun to feed and you will see a happy dog.
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"I have been feeding my older Catahoula Mix your food for about month now. Her coat is amazing. Her energy is amazing. She sheds a lot less!!! She is about 12 or 13 years old feeding her the 23/16. I found out about this from a friend who brought back a sample from a game show."

- Jules Houston

 "We have been feeding our dogs your food for over a year now! We are so pleased with it and tell everyone we can about it."

-Vonda Carlton, Breeder

"Hi-Standard gives my dog the energy and focus he needs when we're out training or hunting. I pay attention to the ingredients in his food so I know that he can perform when it really counts."

-Larry Jackson-

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